Sydney Blue Gum Flooring

Beautiful hardwood flooring adds elegance and warmth to the home.

Among the many select Australian timber flooring options, the strength, durability, and style of Sydney blue gum make it a particularly popular choice for any room.


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What is Sydney blue gum flooring?

Sydney blue gum – also known simply as blue gum or by its botanical name eucalyptus saligna – is a popular species of Australian trees that grows on the New South Wales Coast. Its timber is relatively straight-grained, with small amounts of interlocking. Its colour ranges from dark pink to reddish brown.

Sydney blue gum is reputed for being particularly strong, which makes it a popular choice for flooring projects, both commercial and domestic.

What patterns and styles does Sydney blue gum flooring come in?

Sydney blue gum comes in a variety of grades, each with its advantages and disadvantages depending on your stylistic preferences.

Select Grade is relatively free of naturally occurring imperfections such as gum veins, gum pockets, or streaks, giving it a sleeker more modern appearance.

Standard Grade features some naturally-occurring imperfections, which can help enhance the natural living look of your hardwood floor.

Feature Grade flooring is generously flecked with natural imperfections, particularly large gum veins.

Rustic Grade flooring, as its name suggests, does not shy away from the naturally-occurring features of solid timber, giving the planks an added classic charm.

Which grade, pattern, or style you prefer depends largely on your personal preferences and the room you plan to lay your flooring in.

Come down to Integra Direct’s Gold Coast showrooms where we display a large range of solid timber planks. You’ll be able to see with your own eyes which style or pattern suits you best.

What are the pros and cons of Sydney blue gum flooring?

Sydney blue gum is a particularly dense and resistant timber. It boasts a score of 9.0 on the Janka Hardness Test placing it among the toughest and most durable of timber flooring solutions. This means that it is highly resistant to dents and knocks brought about by every-day usage.

If the wood is untreated, however, it is susceptible to lyctid borer attacks.

Relative to other timbers, Sydney blue gum is easy to work, dress and fix. It responds well to a good surface finish and polish, which makes it popular with designers and homeowners who can match their floorboards with mantles and skirting boards to create a well-coordinated look.

Due to its popularity, its versatility, and its reputation for durability, Sydney blue gum is in high demand, which, as a disadvantage, means that it often comes at a higher price than lesser sought-after timbers.

What areas of my home is Sydney blue gum flooring suitable for?

This Australian timber is a favourite of furniture builders and boat builders, thanks, among other factors, to its natural beauty and strong durability. As a flooring solution, it is best suited for rooms where you would want to add a classic charm and natural warmth. It goes especially well in rooms that feature plants or furnishings made from wood.

It is not the best timber for outdoor use.

What subfloors can Sydney blue gum flooring be laid over?

Almost every type of domestic subfloor can have Sydney blue gum flooring laid over it.

Installers should ensure that any subfloor is smooth and flat. They should use a straight edge to locate and correct for any undulations greater than 3mm over 2m. Some grinding or sanding may be required wherever edges and lipping found in tiled or particle-board floors may occur.

Let Integra Direct’s experienced experts help you with the installation.

Integra Direct can also guide DIYers with all the information and products to give their projects a professional finish.

What if I damage my new floor?

Although Sydney blue gum is famous for its durability, all floors can sustain damage. Dragging heavy fridges or furniture without protective pads may cause surface marks.

If this occurs, a plank that has sustained damage can be removed and a new plank put in its place. Call Integra Direct for a service call by one of our professional installers.

How long will Sydney blue gum flooring last?

Sydney blue gum has a typical life expectancy of around 15 years. However, with minimal maintenance – regular cleaning and polishing – you should be able to exceed that easily.

Areas exposed to direct or reflected sunlight during the middle of the day may eventually exhibit a loss or change in colour. Window coverings or awnings can help mitigate or avoid this.


Sydney blue gum is beautiful and robust Australian wood, famous for its durability and versatility. This makes it a popular flooring solution for homeowners looking to add a classic elegance to their home.

Come visit Integra Direct’s Gold Coast showrooms and see for yourself.