Karndean Looselay

Karndean Looselay Planks are the original version of this innovative new format of luxury vinyl flooring.

It remains the industry benchmark, because it features enhanced acoustic properties with sound deadening characteristics that allow for installation throughout most high-rise apartments.

Karndean Looselay is the widest plank and tile in the market therefore it is faster and easier to fit.

Our Price:$50.00 / m2
Size:250mm x 1050mm
Wear Layer:0.5mm
Box Size:3.15m2
Required Quantity:
Required Boxes:1
Box Size: 3.15m2
Purchase Quantity:m2
Price per m2: $50.00m2
Purchase Price*:
*Price based on product only, collected from our warehouse. Please contact us for accessory or delivery prices, if required.


LLP91T Merbau
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP156 Hamden
Our Price: Too Hot to List
LLP155 Fairfield
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP154 Danbury
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP153 Brockton
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP152 Waterbury
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP113 Cambridge
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP112 Hartford
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP111 Boston
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP110 Burlington
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP109 Stamford
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP108 Providence
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP97 Winchester
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP95 Ashland
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP94 Newport
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP93 Dover
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP92 Country Oak
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP96 Salem
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP99 Hudson
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP157 Bridgeport
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP33 Copper Gum
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP38 Tasmanian Wattle
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLP39 Antique Karri
Our Price: $50.00 / m2
LLPVG5-7 Burnt Ginger
Our Price: $50.00 / m2

Looselay Tiles

LooseLay Tiles are 500mm x 610mm and come in cartons of 3.05sqm.

LLT200 Arizona Enquire
LLT201 Colorado Enquire
LLT202 Indiana Enquire
LLT203 Madison Enquire
LLT204 Pennsylvania Enquire
LLT205 Nevada Enquire
LLT206 Georgia Enquire
LLT207 Texas Enquire
LLT212 Dakota Enquire
LLT213 Maine Enquire

More on Karndean Looselay

Our showroom at Helensvale has a vast display of Karndean vinyl flooring with some of their popular colours laid on the floor and multiple planks of every colour in their range available for display.

Karndean also have a long board version of their Looselay product which is displayed on our Karndean Longboard page.

Its textured surface allows installation over some existing hard floors whereas others would struggle to cover minor imperfections.

A combination of outstanding Australian and American species, is topped off by some amazing European Oaks.

Loose lay is easy to repair should you damage a plank. Simply lift one plank out and place a new one in its place.

These products are warmer underfoot than offer hard floor coverings and suitable to use with underfloor heating.

Karndean floors only require a quick sweep and mop with warm water to keep clean, leaving you more time to spend with your family.

K-Wave is Karndean’s unique friction grip backing that creates a strong bond to your floor using weight and friction.