Karndean Longboard

Karndean's LooseLay Longboard is a collection of 20 woods featuring unique designs in a 1.5m long x 250mm wide format with excellent acoustic properties.

Making the most of the plank's size, each design displays intricate details found in the original woods that inspired the collection. Native Australian species feature heavily in this range with Tasmanian Oak, Blackbutt and Spotted Gum all represented. Oaks from Europe and Heart Pine from the USA complete the offering to present a contemporary palette in a loose lay format.


Our Price:$56.00 / m2
Size:250mm x 1500mm
Wear Layer:.5mm
Box Size:3.0m2
Required Quantity:
Required Boxes:1
Box Size: 3.0m2
Purchase Quantity:m2
Price per m2: $56.00m2
Purchase Price*:
*Price based on product only, collected from our warehouse. Please contact us for accessory or delivery prices, if required.


LLP317 Lemon Spotted Gum
Our Price: $56.00 / m2

Product Description

LLP316 Mountain Spotted Gum
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP314 Embered Blackbutt
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP313 North Coast Blackbutt
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP312 Tasmanian Oak
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP311 Bleached Tasmanian Oak
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP310 Champagne Oak
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP308 French Grey Oak
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP306 Pearl Oak
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP304 Weathered Heart Pine
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP302 Raven Oak
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP301 Twilight Oak
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP325 Honey Ironbark
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP326 Ochre Ironbark
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP327 Natural Ironbark
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP328 Blended Ironbark
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP329 Pure Fabric Oak
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP331 Shadow Fabric Oak
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP334 Australian Wormy Chestnut
Our Price: $56.00 / m2
LLP335 Weathered American Pine
Our Price: $56.00 / m2

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More on Karndean Longboard

UK giant Karndean has evolved floors since late last century. They took the small thin vinyl planks that were growing in popularity around the world, and, in 2000, mega-sized them with the amazing “Grandewood” range (now known as Van Gogh).

After developing and expanding their ranges for a further 10 years, Karndean started trialling an innovative heavy weight and stabilised plank that was designed to be laid without adhesives or click-lock edges.

On November 28th 2011, Integra Floors installed the first Loose Lay flooring in Queensland at Brisbane Airport, and the rest is history!

Almost eight years later there have been over 40 assorted importers bring their “latest” Loose Lay floors into Australia.

Most of these disappeared as quickly as they appeared and this pattern continues to this day, sadly leaving many customers with no support or warranties.

Karndean’s 2016 Longboard version was the first loose lay to be made in 1500mm length and is still leading the pack with the most realistic planks on the market.

So buy the original Karndean loose lay from the only Australian flooring company that has been with them from the very start.