Loose Lay Vinyl

Loose lay is the fantastic DIY glueless floor system, that has taken Australia by storm! It is a non-click vinyl plank/tile which is laid by just butting up the edges to each other tightly and holding perimeter planks in place with our special tape. So, thanks to the use of a unique backing and the sheer weight of these planks, flooring movement is virtually eliminated. You can walk, run, jump or fall without the worry of the planks shifting. By the simple application of special double sided tape the home owner can secure the planks around the perimeter only.

These floors are faster and easier to install than any other resilient flooring, with some happy customer’s saying it was actually fun. Another cost saving feature is that the loose lay flooring can be laid over many original subfloors with minimal or no floor preparation. Painted or tiled floors are no problem, and you can even take your flooring with you and reuse it when you move out.