Elsa Plus Loose Lay

ELSA Plus is 5.0mm thick. Wear layer is 0.55mm which is commercially rated, if you use it in your home you know ELSA Plus can stand up to your busy lifestyle.

All these planks have a micro-bevelled edge on all four sides, its not always noticeable as it is subtle, however once your floor is installed and the light hits at the correct angle you will appreciate why this was done.

These planks have different surface textures depending on the colour. It makes sense the darker rustic looking floors have a authentic hand scraped and worn texture – exactly like a rustic floor should. Some of the colours have a pattern matched texture so you can actually feel the knots, grooves and grains.

Our Price:$40.00 / m2
Size:187mm x 1227mm
Wear Layer:0.55mm
Box Size:1.835m2
Required Quantity:
Required Boxes:1
Box Size: 1.835m2
Purchase Quantity:m2
Price per m2: $40.00m2
Purchase Price*:
*Price based on product only, collected from our warehouse. Please contact us for accessory or delivery prices, if required.


RRP : $55.00 / m2
Our Price: $40.00 / m2
Fossil Oak
Our Price: $40.00 / m2
Siberian Ash
Our Price: $40.00 / m2
Spotted Gum
Our Price: $40.00 / m2
Byrne Oak
Our Price: $40.00 / m2
Linen Oak
Our Price: $40.00 / m2
Moonlit Oak
Our Price: $40.00 / m2
Somerset Oak
Our Price: $40.00 / m2
Valley Oak
Our Price: $40.00 / m2