Wide Choice of Flooring Products


Your flooring is the one surface you are most in contact with and has the greatest design impact of any element in today's home. It becomes part of your environment, part of the ambience and part of your surrounds. The joy of having a wonderful new floor is something that excites the whole family and brings accolades from visitors. Modern trends in Australia see us embracing the use of smoother and resilient surfaces throughout all living and utility areas, and often throughout the entire home.  Tastes in carpet are also changing with plainer plush and twist pile broadloom leading the race. Subtle, earthy and charcoal background colours are very popular, as these allow more emphasis on other furnishings. These shades are more practical from a cleaning perspective and today's preference for stronger lighting and larger windows certainly allow for darker hues than in previous years.



A wide array of beautiful Australian and international timbers, are now available at very affordable prices. Ceramic tiles with their cold hard surfaces are quickly being replaced by these new floors. Today's family has no time to waste constantly cleaning the house, and a floor that maintains that new look with minimal maintenance is the key. The modern home owner demands a floor that can tolerate excesses of water, is hygenic, withstands pets, is quiet to walk over and is warm enough to stretch out on, even in winter. Their floorcoverings must tolerate cracking in concrete subfloors, flex over timber subfloors and be easily and seamlessly repairable.

A floor that has the strength and toughness to withstand decades of use and abuse will still look great when you move out.

Browse Our Different Flooring Types

Hybrid Flooring

Hybrid Flooring brings together the best attributes of laminate flooring and vinyl flooring to give you a durable, waterproof and easy to install product suitable for all rooms of your home. Predominantly in timber style, hybrid floors can be laid over many problematic subfloors with minimal floor preparation. This reduces installation costs and also makes it ideal for DIYers. Click below and be introduced to the amazing world of hybrid floors. The rich timber tones and tough, low-maintenance surfaces ensure this option deserves further investigation. Integra Direct has extensive floor displays and full size planks of the largest selection in Queensland.

LooseLay Vinyl Planks

Karndean introduced LooseLay flooring to the Australian market on the back of the incredibly popular luxury vinyl tile and plank (LVT) floors. The beauty of this "loose lay" system is that it gives the home owner a real timber looking floor, installed at a fraction of the cost of real wood. Even DIYers can lay their own magnificent floor with minimal skills and few tools. Whether it is loose laid, perimeter taped or fully glued, these floors are water-proof, easy to clean, while warm and quiet under foot More recently, importers have brought many new ranges into Australia and this has helped bring prices down. It also presents today's savvy home owner a massive selection of styles, textures and colours to choose from. Integra Direct have Australia's largest range, all viewable on the floor or in full planks. Samples of many ranges can be sent to your home, either directly through this website or by ringing the showroom.

Glue Down Vinyl

Are you wishing for the class and elegance of natural wood flooring, but without the expense and ongoing costs? The modern vinyl planks have all of the design benefits of real hardwood floors and are a great alternative as they are more durable, water resistant, easier to clean and maintain, and never need costly sanding and recoating. Vinyl planking is ideal for installation in any room of your home from the living area to the bedrooms or where ever you are trying to achieve that wonderful wood look . Vinyl planks do not warp, splinter, split, fade, stain or scratch easily, or support mould and mildew. There are also ceramic and concrete tile looks, offering that more industrial look while eliminating that cold hard floor feeling. Click below and enter the wonderful world of glue down vinyl floors.


Did you know that aside from being Australia’s largest independent online flooring seller, Integra Direct also have over 20 years’ experience in the industry providing and installing commercial and residential carpet. By buying from Integra Direct you can avoid the large group-store mark-ups and still receive a quality install at a very competitive price. The modern trends of plain twist and plush piles are well catered for especially in those earthy and charcoal tones. Talk to the sales staff about a package deal to include your carpet purchase along with a beautiful timber or hybrid floor. Professional installation is available throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and northern NSW only. All other areas will be supply only, but Integra's database of installers is extensive and a local installer can be called on to assist.

Synthetic Lawn

From a magnificent show-home looking lawn to compliment your landscaped gardens that will have you the envy of the neighbourhood, to a safe and comfortable pool-side haven, to an all-weather putting green for dad and the kids, to that balcony or deck that just needs a spruce up, Integra Direct can provide the synthetic lawn for your needs. The days of plain ugly and bristly grass carpets are over as recent advancements have brought the home owner luxurious multi-toned and multi-layered synthetic lawn that looks so much like a real manicured lawn. This tried and proven grass carpet system can be laid over decking, tiles, concrete, pebblecrete and even over compacted ground and can be done by most handymen or Integra Direct can carry out the full installation if the project is in Brisbane, Gold Coast or northern NSW.